UN Resolutions Related To P.O.W.s In Iraq

Resolution 686 (1991)
Adopted by the Security Council On the 2nd March 1991

(Article 2 - Section C)
Shall immediately and under the auspice of the International Red Cross or the Association of Red Crescent to set free all Kuwaities and citizens of other countries whom are detained by Iraq and to repatriate the remains of the deads from Kuwait and third countries whom where detained in such manner.

(Article 3 - Section C)
To take all necessary arrangements to facilitates the immediate access to all prisoners and to set them free under the auspice of the Committee of the Red Crescent and to return the remains of the dead and the member of the Kuwait Forces and the allied forces in line with the Resolution No, 678 of the year 1990.

Resolution 687 (1991)
Adopted by the Security Council On the 2nd March 1991

(Article G - Section 30)
To enhance its obligations for facilitating return of all Kuwaiti citizens and the citizens of third countries to their homelands, and to offer the necessary cooperation with the committee of the Red Crescent such as submitting the name of such persons and to facilitate the access of the international committee to these persons wherever they might be and to the places of their detentions and to facilitate the search of the international committee for the Kuwaiti Citizens and Citizens of third countries whom their destiny still unknown.

(Article G -  Section 31)
The Red Crescent committee advocate to keep the Secretary - General informed as necessary of all the activities which the committee in charge in relation to facilitate the repatriation those who remain in Iraq on 2nd of August 1990 and thereafter of the Kuwaiti citizens and citizens of third countries or their remains

.Resolution 1284 (1999)
Adopted by the Security Council On the 17 December 1999

13. Reiterates the obligation of Iraq, in furtherance of its commitment to facilitate the repatriation of all Kuwaiti and third country nationals referred to in paragraph 30 of resolution 687 (1991), to extend all necessary cooperation to the International Committee of the Red Cross, and calls upon the Government of Iraq to resume cooperation with the Tripartite Commission and Technical Subcommittee established to facilitate work on this issue.

14. Requests the Secretary  - General to report to the Council every four months and compliance by Iraq with its obligations regarding the repatriation or return of all Kuwaiti and third country nationals or their remains, to report every six months on the return of all Kuwaiti property, including archives, seized by Iraq, and to appoint a high-level coordinator for these issues.