Help Our Cause

 The National Committee for Missing & POW's Affairs' main task is to raise awareness around the world of Kuwait's POW Issue. The Web pages we have prepared are only for information purposes and it is a goal to reach as many people as possible. Since we don't have the capabilities to spread awareness of this issue to every person on this planet, we would appreciate assistance from anyone who can provide it.

If you wish to help our cause, you would be doing our POW's a great favor by assisting in one of the following:

Praying for the safe return of all our POWs and Missing Persons

Adding a link to our page from your site

Asking others to add a link to our site

Giving our Web Address (URL) to friends or by publishing it

Discussing our POW issue with others

Publishing articles on our POW issue

Or by simply never forgetting our POWs

Thank you very much for your assistance and may God assist you when you need.

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